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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Top 3 Games better than PUBG

We all are aware of famous battle royal game PUBG. This game certainly brought a revolution in the whole gaming industry. We see many people playing PUBG these days and however with it's increasing popularity it also has certain cons. Many times it was reported that "A child playing PUBG committed suicide as he was not able to push his rank" etc etc.

Earlier we have written a post on Gaming if you want to read that, you can read it here "https://techbunnys.blogspot.com/2020/04/gaming.html"

Many mental health experts  say that this game totally disturbs the thinking ability of a person and at this situations he may suffer from depression. If a person over-plays this game he may suffer from serious health issues.

By taking the above things into  consideration we are bringing you the list of  Top 3 games which are fun to play and are not harmful to your mental health.

So without wasting anymore time let's get started!

A) Shadowgun Legends - FPS and PvP Multiplayer games


Thrilling Story Campaign, fully playable in cooperation with your friends

Fight for the survival of humanity in an epic Story Campaign spanning more than hundreds of missions on 4 diverse planets. Now every mission is playable in the cooperation!

Hardcore Experience in Raids and Arenas

Join forces with friends and shoot giant enemy bosses for glory and legendary loot together. Or try to survive in War Games arenas. From Casual to most Hardcore.

PvP Multiplayer Battles

Fight your rivals in PvP multiplayer games modes and diverse PvP arenas. Challenge friends in 1vs1 duels or join a team in 4vs4 multiplayer games for best PvP moments ever.

700+ Weapons, Customize Weapons and Skins!

Choose from 700+ guns including Pistols, Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Rocket Launchers.

60+ Beautiful Armor Sets, Fully Customizable, Paints, Skins, Stickers

Collect over 1000 armor pieces, find all Paint cans, Skins, Stickers, and build own unique looking armor sets.

MMORPG Online Multiplayer Experience

Interact with other players, visit vendors, accept missions, party hard, and much more in game’s persistent Hub. Chat with friends, create battle squads, and form guilds.

Unique Reward System - Became part of the Universe

Our new Fame System appreciates every action. The more famous you are, the more the world will react to your actions! Become legendary!

★ High-End Graphics

We push the frontier of what is possible on mobile devices! Shadowgun Legends is a groundbreaking online shooter that blurs the lines between console and mobile gaming.

B) Battle Prime: Mobile Hero Shooting Team Action FPS


Battle Prime is a fast-paced third-person multiplayer PvP shooting game with console-level graphics on your mobile device. This tactical battle simulator is focused on superpowerful heroes with unique abilities, formidable arsenal, and high-adrenaline action.
The next-generation war simulation has already started — it’s time to join the fight! Strike first, kill your enemies, survive, grab rewards, and show everyone who’s the coolest Prime among the ranks!


Dive into the battle simulation, picking one of the Prime Agents — ultimate fighters with unique abilities and playstyles. Equip a large-caliber gun and unleash a massive fire force, dealing devastating damage, or counterplay with a flash speed, killing opponents with a blink of an eye: choose the hero you like the most, enter the battleground, attack, shoot and enjoy your triumph in memorable, spectacular games!
The fast-paced team-based online battles are waiting for you! Team up with your friends in squads and stand shoulder to shoulder against common enemies, combining Prime Agents in strategic ways to become an unstoppable force! And freedom to shift between Prime agents at respawns allows you to change tactics on the fly, counter-attack, and win!

C) Infinity Ops: Online FPS


❖ Clans
Create your own clan and invite other users or friends and spend time in the game together!

❖ Armament
A wide variety of weapons are available in-game, from assault and plasma rifles to laser machineguns and grenade launchers! Each weapon has its own unique properties and features.

❖ Material interaction
Low gravity frees players to jump far and high, while universal gravity can affect running speed!

❖ Jetpacks
Use a personal flight device to more quickly and effectively conduct combat operations.

❖ Fantastic 3D graphics
Excellent, detailed 3D character and map modelling.

❖ Optimization for weak devices
The game is optimized for devices with low technical characteristics. Choice of graphics for different phones!

❖ Easy controls
Intuitive control and easy interface won’t leave you struggling to master the learning curve!

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

List of Chinese apps banned in India

We have written an complete article on alternative to Chinese apps if you haven't checked it out,
Just click here "https://techbunnys.blogspot.com/2020/07/the-best-alternatives-to-popular.html"

So the Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps this post contains the banned apps list:-

1. TikTok
2. Shareit
3. Kwai
4. UC Browser
5. Baidu map
6. Shein
7. Clash of Kings
8. DU battery saver
9. Helo
10. Likee
11. YouCam makeup
12. Mi Community
13. CM Browers
14. Virus Cleaner
15. APUS Browser
17. Club Factory
18. Newsdog
19. Beutry Plus
20. WeChat
21. UC News
22. QQ Mail
23. Weibo
24. Xender
25. QQ Music
26. QQ Newsfeed
27. Bigo Live
28. SelfieCity
29. Mail Master
30. Parallel Space
31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
32. WeSync
33. ES File Explorer
34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc
35. Meitu
36. Vigo Video
37. New Video Status
38. DU Recorder
39. Vault- Hide
40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
41. DU Cleaner
42. DU Browser
43. Hago Play With New Friends
44. Cam Scanner
45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
46. Wonder Camera
47. Photo Wonder
48. QQ Player
49. We Meet
50. Sweet Selfie
51. Baidu Translate
52. Vmate
53. QQ International
54. QQ Security Center
55. QQ Launcher
56. U Video
57. V fly Status Video
58. Mobile Legends
59. DU Privacy 

The best alternatives to the popular Chinese apps banned in India

1 comment :
Chinese apps banned in India, what's next?

Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps on 30th June 2020. Most of these apps are utility apps which helps smartphone users with multiple activities like cleaning the phone, scanning documents etc.

The Ministry of Information Technology has said the ban was the result of "many complaints from various sources" about apps that were "stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users' data in an unauthorized manner".

This list contained popular apps including TikTok, Shareit, Bigo etc. You can check the list of all banned apps here"https://techbunnys.blogspot.com/2020/07/list-of-chinese-apps-banned-in-india.html"

The only app which is a topic of discussion these days is TikTok recently the most trending topics in  India was YouTube vs TikTok you can read the whole controversy here"https://techbunnys.blogspot.com/2020/05/youtube-vs-tiktok.html".

TikTok was downloaded 277.6 million times in India in the first 11 months of 2019 and it was the fourth most downloaded iPhone app in the same year. There were  more than 119 million active users in India.

Many TikTokers supported this ban and many were disappointed as well but today in this article we'll be showing you the best alternatives for Chinese apps so make sure you read full article and  follow us.
So let's take a look on alternatives!

  • Tiktok : This is most famous of all these Chinese apps. the youngster's were crazy for this app it was a short video sharing platform.

Alternative : ShareChat  (Indian App) 

✡️ Features of ShareChat✡️ 

  1.  Download Jokes, ​Whatsapp Status​, Memes, Trolls, Wishes And Greetings.

  2.  Viral Videos From Tamil Movies, Bollywood Movies, Telugu Movies, Marathi Movies And Bengali Movies.

  3.  Join Chatrooms in 15 languages. Create your own chatrooms and make friends.

  4.  Good Morning Wishes, Good Night Wishes And All Other Festival Wishes

  5.  Get Famous By Showcasing Your Talent And Become An Internet Celebrity.
  6.  Repost The Images Or Videos That You Like.
  7.  Make Whatsapp Sticker From Any Image
  8.  Best​ Hindi Shayari, Love Shayari, Romantic Shayari, Marathi Shayari ​and More.
  9.  Talk To Strangers With Sharechat Shake & Chat.
  10.  Beauty Tips, Home Makeup Tricks And Fitness Videos.

  • Club Factory : It was the online shopping app. people were mad after this. It gained it's popularity due to massive discounts.

Alternative : Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart

 No information needed for this apps cause many of you may be using these apps from long time they have great deals on Popular fashion brands, on electronic devices and more!

  • UCBrowser : One of most widely used browsers in smartphones. specially known for it's data saving and ad-block feature.

Alternative : Chrome, Brave, Firefox, DuckDuckGo etc.

  • UCNews UC News is a news outlet of UCWeb, which is a business within Alibaba Mobile Business Group that is a part of the main Alibaba Group

Alternative : DailyHunt

✡️ Features of DailyHunt ✡️

  1.  Get your favorite content in 14+ indian language from 2600+ media partners
  2.  Get customized content tailored for you through a recommended stream of news, videos (ā¤ĩीā¤Ąिā¤¯ोā¤¸) & photos (ā¤Ģ़ोā¤Ÿो). Get pin code level local news from Indian villages, towns & districts Get world news, entertainment (ā¤Žā¤¨ोā¤°ंā¤œā¤¨) news, TV & cinema gossips, cricket updates, horoscope, weather (ā¤Žौā¤¸ā¤Ž), employment news, defense, , stock updates & much more
  3.  Follow your favorite newspapers, news channels, celebrity creator, friends & discover the latest updates, articles, videos posted by them.
  4.  Engage with the articles/posts through Likes/shares & comments• Upload photos, memes, videos & tag your loved ones
  5.  Keep track of all your activities- posts, likes, comments and shares
  6.  Browse through the history of articles/comments you read/followed

  • Shareit/Xender : These were file sharing apps almost every smartphone user had one of them installed.

Alternative : Upsend (Indian App)

✡️ Features of Upsend ✡️

Transfer Files Without Wasting mobile Data
⚡Upsend Uses wifi file transfer feature using which you can share files the lightening speed without internet.
⚡Transfer all types of files such as Videos, Photos, Apps, Zip, Game files, .obb, PDF documents Stored on your Android Devices
⚡Share Files Between Android devices as well as upload it to your PC/ Mac
⚡Scan QR Code to Send files quickly
⚡Upsend Saves previously connected devices for faster connectivity in future.

  • CamScanner CamScanner is a Chinese mobile app that allows iOS and Android devices to be used as image scanners.

Alternative : Laserfiche

✡️ Features of Laserfiche ✡️

  1. Photo, document, audio and video upload
  2.  Instantly search and access a variety of file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, JPG and more
  3.  The ability to add comments, highlight important points and add signatures to documents
  4.  File sharing and collaboration, including emailing secured documents or folder links

These were the alternatives to Chinese apps 

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So that's it for today guys i'll see you guys in my next blog until then 🙋🙋 

Monday, 15 June 2020

The Sony PlayStation 5 Is Here!!! Sony PS5 Amazing - Features

So what is up guys? I am  back with another  latest tech news.Guys today's article is going to be awesome because Sony is launching their 'PS5'! yup you heared it right so as always today's article is going to be very interesting make sure you read full article.

The console's origins date back to 1988 where it was originally a joint project between Nintendo and Sony to create a CD-ROM for the Super Famicom. 

Although Nintendo denied the existence of the Sony deal as late as March 1991, Sony revealed a Super Famicom with a built-in CD-ROM drive, that incorporated Green Book technology or CD-i, called "Play Station"

Sony launched its PlayStation brand back in 1994, and since then, the company has released four major consoles, all of which have received refreshed designs.

 The PS5 design was officially revealed on June 11, 2020. ... Not one, but two PlayStation 5 consoles will launch – a standard edition with a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive, and a slimmer, disc-free Digital Edition.

 The previous launched PlayStation  range from PlayStation 1 - PlayStation 4. All of this were very successful and after this they are launching the Sony PlayStation 5. They are "PS 5 standard edition " and "PS 5 Digital edition"
Earlier PlayStation had Duolshock Controllers and These one will have the Duolsensor controllers with adaptive triggers and with lot's of improvement's. 

Although they took lot's of time in releasing it, i hope it will not disappoint us. Ok now let's talk about some basic specifications of our brand new PlayStation 5.


PlayStation 5 will have a 8 core AMD zen 2 CPU with a custom MDRDLA based GPU which will generate power of 10.28  teraflop, the SSD has capacity of 825 GB which will definitely improve our performance.

 It comes with the media attachments such  as; Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD.
As always the  PS5 has Brand new look. With a White-Black combination.

The Design is sci-fi inspired and looks very cool,


Now let's talk about it's price, it is supposed to be somewhere between "40,000 - 50,000"
Overall i must say this thing is definitely worth it!
So that's it for today i'll catch you guys in my upcoming blog untill then 🙋🙋🙏🙏

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Friday, 12 June 2020

Famous Indian games

We all have played games at least once in life time. Everybody loves it in fact it is one of most successful industries.We have written a blog on Gaming you can read it by clicking here,
 [https://techbunnys.blogspot.com/2020/04/gaming.html]  and now let's get on our point.

As of 2018, video games generated sales of US$134.9 billion annually worldwide. 
International video game revenue is estimated to be $81.5B in 2014. This is more than double the revenue of the international film industry in 2013.

In 2015, it was estimated at US$91.5 billion. Most of games are developed outside India but guess what in order to make you understand what potential Indian game developers have we are bringing you the best Indian game's

So without wasting anymore time let's get started!

⚠️ This list is created randomly ⚠️

  • Raji: An Ancient Epic

I know what you guys are thinking this is one of most underrated games build in india but it has a solid story line. This game is designed by Avichal Singh and was developed by Nodding heads games. It is an action adventure game which is set in ancient India. Raji a young girl which is chosen by gods to stand against demonic invasion of human realm. It's a must try game .This reason forced to give a place for this game in our list.

  • Teen Patti by Octro - Indian Poker Card Game

Bringing you the most famous game on android and ios platforms. This game is one of famous games ever build in india "The Ultimate  Teen Patti / 3 Patti  Sensation, A 3 Card Game Also Known as Indian Poker ,Indian Holdem Poker,Flash or Flush ,Three Card Brag,Largest Multiplayer Online Card Game in the world. Millions Playing Everyday"

  • Ludo King

Ludo King is an Indian free-to-play mobile game application developed by Indian studio Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
Gametion is owned by Vikash Jaiswal. It is developed on the Unity game engine and is available on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms. This game has more than 300M+ Downloads.It is one of finest multiplayer games.

  • 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is the biggest & best multiplayer Pool game online! It is the best game for pool lovers this game has many variations along with Tournaments you can to either pay to enter in match or can invite friends to play a friendly match. It's publisher is Miniclip. It is most loved game on android platforms.

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga

Although this game was launched 6 years ago i.e on (20 Oct 2014) It still has same kinda popularity this game's developer and publisher is "KING".This mouth-watering puzzle adventure will instantly quench your thirst for fun. Join Kimmy on her juicy journey to find Tiffi, by switching and matching your way through new dimensions of magical gameplay. This game is available on Android, Windows, iOS and on Windows Phone. this game is time consuming and it's addictive."

So that's it for today folks don't forget to leave a feedback and follow me on blogger Now i'll catch you guys in my next blog untill then take care and 🙋🙋🙏🙏...


Image credit for a) Raji = (https://rajithegame.itch.io/raji-an-ancient-epic)